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Сompany United Marine Dredging (FZE) represented in the dredging market since 2016. During this time, we have successfully completed more than twenty-five dredging progects in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel, while the total volume of developed soil in all contracts exceeded 10 million cubic meters. Company operates the team of 80 highly skilled specialists with extensive experience and qualifications that allow to fulfil the tasks of any complicacy in all spheres of dredging activity.

We currently provide the following services:

1. Dredging

- dredging and transportation of soil to underwater sea dumps during the construction of pits for hydrotechnical structures, trenches for pipelines, sea areas and navigable channels at depths of up to -19.5 meters;

- maintenance (operational) dredging on navigation channels and water areas to a depth of -21.0 meters

- development of rock type soils;

- construction of underwater pits of a complex profile.

2. Reclamation works.

- sand mining in offshore underwater deposits with depths up to -20.0 m.

- transportation of sand in the hold and its unloading ashore by refilling into a floating or onshore slurry pipeline or by the "rainbow" method;

- backfilling of berth pits with sand;

3. Bathimetrical survey and diving operations.

- performing measurements of the depths of sea channels and water areas in accordance with the requirements of navigation safety standards;

- performance of sounding works during the production of dredging and reclamation works, calculations of the volume of work, drawing up plans for depth measurements and other reporting documentation;

- maintenance of DGPS positioning systems for dredgers during dredging operations with submeter accuracy;

- performance of depth measurements in order to control the occupancy of marine underwater spoil dumps;

- general quality control of the dredging works performed by making regular depth measurements and loading the electronic charts into the computers of the dredgers;

- underwater welding and cutting of metals.

We own and operate efficient dredging vessels and driving equipment for the ports of the EMEA / CEE region.

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger UMD Hercules (flag - Liberia, Classification Society - BV) shallow draft vessel equipped with a sliding cargo hatch system, which allows her to work in dredging areas and dumps with low navigation depths. This vessel was completely refitted in 2016. We have installed a modern dredging control system, which in turn makes it possible to work with high speed and accuracy. The main cargo pump of increased productivity was also installed, thanks to which our vessel, unlike similar vessels of the same class, can work effectively on soils with a heavier and more viscous structure. Also, thanks to this modernization, we can carry out soil reclamation from the ship's hold both by the Rainbow method and by pipeline.

MP26 hydraulic pontoon excavator (flag - Jamaica, classification society - DNV). The Liebherr P995 excavator mounted on board this dredger belongs to the class of the most powerful pontoon excavators in the world. Our dredger is capable of working with high efficiency and accuracy on soils with a strength of up to 55 MPa. We have several options for equipping this excavator, which allows flexibly adapting to the conditions of upcoming projects. One of the advantages of our dredger is the ability to work from near zero depths and to form the underwater slopes of the dredging area with high accuracy and in one step. This method of dredging increases the structural strength of the slopes compared to the layer-by-layer steps slopes.

ASD Tugboat “WESTGARTH” (1870 kWt) and Tugboat “MARS” (882 kWt)

Non self propelled Split Hopper Barges “ MC-34”, “MC-35”, “MC-36” hold capacity 920m3.

We are open to cooperation in the field of dredging, reclamation works and construction of marine infrastructure facilities.

We are ready to provide our existing dredging equipment for time-charter.